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Horses - Purebred Registered Paso Finos 


All of our horses are very sweet tempered, friendly, with good conformation and strong feet.  They are naturally gaited for a smooth ride!

All horses are microchipped and registered with the New Zealand Iberian Horse Association (NZIHA) and the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) (USA).

They are regularly wormed, hoof trimmed and had dentristy.  Their feet and teeth are as well conformed as they are according to the people who treat them!

If purchased as foals or youngsters it will be agreed that they will not be ridden before they are three years of age.  Our horses will be sold only to good, kind homes. 

Abi Ricketts of
Abi's Natural Horsemanship has worked with some of our horses.

Contact: [email protected]

Winnfarms Isla de Flores

Photo taken April 2017 after a wash

Bee gaiting as a yearling January 2016

Isla de Flores means “Island of Flowers” in Spanish and was the common name for Taboga Island off the capital city of Panama.
Bee was born 25 November 2014 and coming up for a ridable age soon.  She was her dam’s size by the time she was six months (13/2hh).  We think she is about 14/2 and the others by Santana have got to 14/2+hh, at least one is 15hh (Santana was 15hh).  Bee is well proportioned with healthy feet as are all the horses here according to the farrier.   Alan van Vliet the horse dentist says her teeth are well conformed too.
She features on our home page motoring in the paddock with some others; on our Paso Fino / Spanish Jennet page she is shown gaiting along behind palomino Saffie (Azafrán de Omega) – no relation – just tagged along when Marina Steinke came out to take some photos of the horses.  That was February 2015 when Bee was just over two months of age!
She is a very sweet horse quite like her mother Emperatriz de CC (Soho Pasos' imported mare).  Of course, Emperatriz is by Profeta de Besilu, a Top Ten Stallion.  Bee has the black dapples Emperatriz has over her top coat which can be seen in sunshine.  Santana was also a very sweet horse with a lovely temperament - he could be ridden on trails with all horses.  He was also "Mundial" (World) Champion Paso Fino!
Genetically Bee is E/E, A/a and clearly must have a copy of tobiano pinto!
A good potential owner may have Bee for NZ$7000 (plus GST if applicable).

Winnfarms Luz Dorada


With dam Azafrán de Omega
on day of birth 12 December 2016

...and gaiting the day after birth (taken from a video clip)

...and a little bit later still!

Lucy is for sale for $5000 (plus GST if applicable)


Frozen Semen

Photo by Deborah McMahon-King

We are pleased to be able to offer the last remaining doses of the tricolour PASO FINO / SPANISH JENNET SANTANA DEL CARDO'S FROZEN SEMEN FOR SALE.  Santana was "Mundial" (World) Champion.  Maximum three doses per purebred Paso Fino mare.  She must be a non grey proven breeder not more than 12 years of age.

These limited doses are NZ$50 each and the stud fee is to be paid to Deborah McMahon-King upon confirmed pregnancy.  The first pregnancy for the US breeding season of 1 February to 31 January of each year is US$1250 with ALL subsequent pregnancies for that year to be US$1000.

All breeding and associated costs are payable by the mare owner.  We are simply making provision of Santana's frozen semen which is stored at Matamata Veterinary Services.  It is understood that an experienced equine reproductive specialist will be used for the procedures.

If this sounds like your mare and you are interested please contact us!

(Please refer to information and video clips of Santana on the Paso Fino / Spanish Jennet page.)

Contact: [email protected]