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Winnfarms Spanish Stud

Paso Finos / Spanish Jennets
Smooth Riding Horses


Winnfarms Miraflores, Winnfarms Isla de Flores, Emperatriz de CC and Azafrán de Omega
February 2015

Photo by Marina Steinke


Paso Fino /
Spanish Jennet Horses

Photo by D McMahon-King

Santana del Cardo

The sire of five of our purebreds Paso Finos.


Videos: Paso Fino Page
Frozen Semen: For Sale Page

Primero Mercurio

The sire of our latest Paso Fino filly Winnfarms Luz Dorada
lives in Auckland, New Zealand

Ridden in photo October 2015 and owned by Kirsten Benson

 Dexter Cattle
Small Irish Cattle

Sorry all of our cattle are sold
but do look at the Dexter page!

For Sale

Winnfarms Miraflores
DOB 13 December 2013

Mira is the daughter of Santana del Cardo and palomino dam Azafrán de Omega

Mira gaiting at 8 hours of age on 14 Dec 2013

Mira gaiting in paso largo at 15 months of age (and in the group photo above) in February 2015
Photo by Marina Steinke

Mira Summer 16
Mira is now pregnant to Primero Mercurio featured to the left and due October 2018


Click here to see video of Mira ridden in paso corto (gaiting) as a novice three-year-old at home


Greenpark, Christchurch, New Zealand

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